13 February 2013

Random thoughts..

Its been more than 3 mths I quit my job to be a fulltime housewife.

Am I happy?
Yes, definitely.

Yes, every single day.

Nope, maybe not yet.

Nope, never.

Husband and kids happy?
Yeap, never seen them happier.

Well im not gonna lie.

Its true that ppl say, keje rumah x pernah habis.

Jadi housewife lagi penat.

True.. very true..

But at the end of the day, bila tengok anak2 and suami happy, the penat-ness and the tense will go away.

Its a satisfaction words cant describe.

Happiness money cant buy.

Some people wont agree. Buat apa belajar tinggi kalau duduk rumah je.

Ye la lain org lain kehendak.

Duit boleh cari. How much money do you want pun?

Bak kata susan sarandon dlm arbitrage

"Do u wanna be the richest man in the cementery?"

Hidup sekali je.

You dont know when you're gonna die.

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