10 February 2012

Year End Appraisal

I normally don't blog about work.

Cuma this particular time I just need to story mory.

Year end appraisal just ended like last week.

Those working would know that time is the time where your performance is rated, and your rating will determine you increment and bonus.

Mine was okay, alhamdulillah. Nothing much on that.

Cuma yang aku agak terkilan bila boss mentioned to me, that people have been talking about my attendance.

That I have been coming in late to office.

That I have been MIA during office hour.

I, of course, defended myself and told my boss,

That if I ever come in late, or need to go out during office hour, I would always let my boss and my colleagues know.

Boss said, yeah I know, that's what I told 'them'.

Them who? Aku tak tau..

I don't see the problem, and I don't think I'm the type yang suka 'mengular' time keje.

Oh come on??? Like mengular where??? Carrefour?? Pleaseee.. I'm offended.

Unless our office somewhere nearby KLCC or Pavi, then yes I am the highest suspect nak mengular time keje!

Takat pegi ambik coffee, pegi solat, pegi toilet, kira mengular ke? 

If yes, then we are in serious problem!

Yang bestnyer, aku sorang je kena sound mcm tu.

I'm not saying I'm have perfect punctuality, but I consider myself okay. 

But why aku sorang je kena?

Siapa 'them'?

And it got me thinking, ada org dengki dgn aku ke ni?

'Them' ni must be someone who can monitor my attendance, my ins and outs.

Nak kata my own team yang bawak mulut... na-ah, don't think so.

Nak kata people at my level yang mengadu, hmm.. possible..

I also heard that there are 'spy' here and there, watching our whereabouts.

But I dont understand why would you say bad things about me?

Just because you see me coming in late, kau cakap aku ponteng. 
Did you know that I have already informed my boss?

Just because you see me going out during office hour, kau cakap aku ponteng.
Did you know that I have meetings outside of the office?

I kindda have a feeling that I know this person. 

And yeah.. I know you are reading this blog too.

So okay.. aku dah kena penalize pasal attendance ok?

You satisfied?

Got what you want?

You think I care?

You think it affects me?

Sorry to dissapoint you, but I have a better life out there.

Couldn't be bothered by what's happening here.

Please, go get a life will ya?

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