10 February 2012

Tak de post baru ke ma?

That was the question from my no 1 reader.

Sapa lagi kalau bukan Balqis :)

Some of you may have noticed my 'hibernation' mode from the cyber world.

FB, Twitter, blog, mcm malas nak update.

I'd love to blame it on PMS, but it's definitely more than that.

Just been doing a lot of thinking, of how I want things to be.

Things definitely cannot be going on like this.

Till all stuff are really sorted out then baru kita sambung cerita k?

Meanwhile, some of pending updates that deserve a post on their own:

- Avilion PD short vacation Dec 2011, where we witnessed Rabbit mengawan! hahaha

- Melaka trip Feb 2011, of how the kids loving kampung life so much!

- My newly found strength of NOT shopping! 

- My new favourite coffee, and how to prepare it the correct way.

- And lastly, my experiment on new skincare. Yang ni kena tunggu lagi sebulan.

Weekend is coming and I'm mentally reaching Sunday dah :)

So till then uolls...

Have a nice weekend!

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