15 November 2011

How to manage your stress

It's been a while since my last entry.

Been busy.. yeap.. same ol same ol..

But seriously now kindda like too busy sampaikan mr p is thinking what are the alternatives if I quit my job.. hahah..

Dono lah... 

But past few weeks memang agak menggila busynyer..

Sampaikan jerawat aku naik mcm cenawan lepas hujan and memeriahkan muka aku..
Sampaikan almost every other night I have to sambung buat kerja kat rumah..


Nak pakai baju cantik, nak pakai mekap mahal, nak cuti2 sokmo.. kena la kerja keras ye dop?

Oh well that's life :)


Trying to do something with this blog.. 

Nak bagi cantik and semenggah sikit..

But as usual.. no time..


Kan best kalau boleh sacrifice time tidor without compromising your beauty and health?


Balqis has imroved A LOT in studies. Definitely something to be proud about.

Shall update on this in separate entry.. just nak share of what we did.. manalah tau kot2 berguna utk others kan?


Will be going to Melbourne soon. 

I desperately need the vacation this time.

Rasanya ni la first vacation yang aku sangat tak prepare lagi. 

I have only 1 weekend left to sort things out.

Busy ngalahkan PM gamaknyer aku nih..


Mcm byk komplen kan?

I am actually not.

In fact ada sikit aku mcm enjoying what I do.

But I'm trying to keep my self from getting carried away.

Family is most important.. no matter what you do.

sebab I am happy most when I'm with them :)

(walaupun kdg2 ada sikit meroyan kes kes kes..)

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