04 July 2011

too many things happened..

sorry for the long hiatus. (mcm kan ader org kesah)

too many things happened lately.

first, a good friend of our family suddenly collapsed while having dinner with his family. brought to hospital, and discovered ada blood clot dlm brain. dono whats the actual cause, in fact the doctors are still investigating. more than 2 weeks in hospital now.

sangat menguji ketabahan, especially to the family. i do not wish to cerita panjang as it involves pasal org lain. but i t affects us too as one of the close family friends. balqis pun turut terasa, and initially dulu dia pun tanpa disangka menangis teresak2 bila tau uncle feveret dia ni sakit.

terkejut aku. tapi  tu la.. balqis mmg sgt lembut hati dia. tgk kucing sakit pun dia sedih, ni pulak lagi orang.

we pray for your speedy recovery.

secondly, (in fact the very next week after the first news), dpt pulak kabar berita adik to my close friend meninggal. :(

so sudden.

baru the day before aku dok ber-whatsapp-gossip dgn my dear friend ni and the very next day she called my crying, telling me the sister dah passed away.

what's killing me most is because i can't be there for her. kalau dulu satu ofis senang sgt nak jumpa. ada problem we will tell each other and nangis sama2. now masing2 dah jauh mmg terasa sgt and susah nak jumpa.

for few days mmg fikiran aku tak tenteram, seriously, dok teringat kat kawan aku yg sorang ni. memikirkan dugaan that she has to go thru.

sigh. i wish i could do something to lift your burden darling. tapi i can't. :(

sabar zurin ye, as what i have told you many many times, ini dugaan Allah. i am praying moga Allah kurniakan ketabahaan for you and your family utk menghadapi dugaan ni.

moga Allah cucuri rahmat kepada arwah..

Al fatihah..

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