21 February 2013

Midnight moments

I find it very difficult to bukak laptop and blog nowadays.

Somehow I understand why some of my friends yg dulu2 ada blog, once duduk rumah jadi housewife and suddenly blog dgn tuan tanah sekali menyepi.

No, we are not sombong. We are just simply busy.

Nak menulis betul2 ni bukan senang, because it has to be ikhlas.

Like earlier there's so many things going in my mind. Happiness, funny moments etc.

Tapi skang ni kalau nak suruh blog abt those,  the feelings not the same so the writing will be different.

Kdg2 mcm frust jugak sbb so many things deserve to be kept as memories before they just fade away.

Sementara masih mampu ni kita capture memories sebanyak mungkin utk tatapan anak cucu nanti.

Well, we shall see in the morning la ye?

Tuan tanah nak tido skang.. nite2 uols..

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