08 August 2012

Dato’ Lee Chong Wei – proudly Malaysian

Ok I know this is a bit too late, but wat the heck..

For those who watched the final badminton match Olympics haritu, would totally feel the same.

We watched the game dari mula sampai habis.

Yes, we are hoping that DLCW would bring back first Malaysian gold medal.

Yes, we are frustrated that he did not win.

But that is not the point.

I think most of you agree, that at that moment, we are proudly united as a nation. We are Malaysian. Supporting DLCW throughout the game. Regardless of our race, religion or political differences.

Gold or silver, does not even matter know.

What matters most is that, he (DLCW) fought for us. He gave his best and fought till the end.

Lucky I did not watch him cry, else aku pun confirm melalak sekali.

Read in one of the newspaper, he cried not because kalah, but masa lagu kebangsaan China berkumandang, he cried because he wanted so much to hear lagu Negaraku berkumandang,

That is how patriotic he is.

Even then, ada jugak anasir2 yang suka buat propa. One of the headline was

‘Terlepas habuan 4 juta’


Don’t think he even cares about the 4 mil. (I do!!!!)

And some say buang duit bagi byk2.

Personally I think that is what he is worth. Kau ingat senang nak train for Olympics? This is his career, this is his life. We should be happy that he is appreciated by the nation.

Dato’ Lee Chong Wei,

We are so proud of you. You are truly an inspiration to all of us, Malaysian. We will always support you! Keep on fighting for us!

Proud to be Malaysian.

p/s – mlm ni Baskin Robin aiskrim free uols!


Norlida Mohd Nor said...

Jangan lupa beb ice cream FREE malam nih kol 8 to 10am..... Satu scoop ajer tau! Beb rumah ko kt Shah Alam dekat ngan KPJ Shah Alam ker?

Konot said...

kpj ni hospital tu kan?
yesza... dekat sgt!

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