23 February 2012


I wanted to do this, for a long, long time dah.
Even blogged about it few times.
Has so many reasons to do it.
Just no courage, yet.
And no greenlight from mr p.

Now, the light is getting.. urrm.. greener?
And the reasons became stronger.
Just waiting for the right time.

During this time, 
Suddenly I am scared.
Suddenly I am in doubt.
Suddenly it seems so difficult to make the move. 

Why la like this?
Is this some kindda test?
Dear God, give me the strength to put this through.
I wanted to do this for none other reason,
But just to be a good wife and mother.

Some people don't seem to understand
Let alone support my decision.
Because they think I'm stupid to let go of what I have now.

I know, it may not be the right decision.
I don't know, maybe in a year, or 6  months down the road I'll be regretting?
But I know, this is not an overnight punya decision.
And I know, I wanted this more that I wanted an LV bag 
*bagusnyer comparison kau konot*

So please, kalau tak nak support, its ok.
Just respect my decision k?
And be happy for me.

Right or wrong, I also dono.
But if I don't try now, I will never know.


Norhani Abdul Rahman said...

Cuna, go ahead, nike says " just do it!" hehe..you might not know what the future lies ahead but all you need to know is , at this moment, at this time, this may be the best decision. i support u all the way!!

Konot said...

ok.. at least ada one supporter! hahahah.. mekasihhhh!!

Norhani Abdul Rahman said...

kak ani ada kawan kat sini, dulu gheja audit, gaji tak payah bagi tau la, berenti gheja sebab sayang dekat anak2 jugak, alhamdulillah, terus bukak taska kecik2, menjadik!, but terpaksa tutup taska, sebab mai sini ikut suami, suami kerja felda, ada kilang dekat quebec sini. tak regret lansung suka lagi adaaaa!!!..the first step is always the most difficult one!..

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