08 April 2011

i still kenot adapt..

am so used to working almost-flexi hours (despite from banking industry). waking up at 8.30 without feeling the guilt and need to rush. leave home at 9.15 and still can make it to office by 9.30. and, even if i can't make it by 9.30, who cares?

am so used of going out for lunch at 12. and have plenty of choices of where and what to eat. heck, sometimes, having lunch is not even the main agenda. who cares about makan? makan anytime pun boleh. what's important is that what to do during lunch hour? where to go during lunch hour? facial? massage? movie? SHOPPING?

am so used of not having to rush back office after lunch. (unless, ader meeting). when it's 2pm, "ohhhh baru pukul 2! singgah parkson kejap!" huahuahuaha...


it's been 4 mths.

and i still miss kl like crazy.

view from my old office.. :(


Linaleeds said...

Unfortunately, me too..kenot adjust huhuhu

Konot said...

friday threading jom??

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