08 March 2017

Job hunting?

Its that time in my life that I'm starting to question what should I do. What am I doing. What have I achieved. 

Paham tak?

Or maybe its just mid life crisis? I dono. Maklumlah nak masuk 40 -__-

But I've been wondering at this for quite some time and I guess daripada asyik wondering je I might as well do something about it.

So here I am, updating my resume kat Jobstreet.

Errm.. do we even do Jobstreet anymore? hahaha.. ke JobsDB? ntah la I am so outdated.

Thing is when I'm about to update the experience, terus blur. Like OMG dah berapa lama aku tak kerja ni? What was it that I used to do dulu? IT? Banking? QA? QM? ITIL? Wattt????

Nak letak last drawn salary pun dah lupa.

Nak letak start and end date for each job pun dah lupa.

And it hit me, its been almost 5 years.

Long time eh?

Thing is, I dont intend to cari anything full time. Cause I know that would be such a huge commitment that I can't afford right now. Maybe, something part time or flexi hours, or work from home.

Tapi still kena update resume jugak la kan.

Nak update tu yang letih.

Marilah mencari kekuatan dulu.

Sementara tu meh bukak Netflix -___-    


Cik Sar said...

Beb..lama aku x jenguk blog .. aku rasa guna headhunter is better.. ko update resume kat linkedin ..and u will get faster response than jobstreet.

Norliana Abdul Rahman said...

oh yeh? time kasih for the info. nanti aku cekidaut

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