17 July 2009


Aku baru sedar yesterday was my 100th post.. :)

And this will be my 101th post.. sempena menyambut My Photographer's 30th birthday.

Yeap.. today is his birthday..

I don't really know what to write.. coz apa yg aku terpikiaq skang ni mcm all lovey dovey punya stuff yg lebih sesuai nak ditulis masa anniversary (which is coming soon, less than a mth). But hey.. since anniversary pun dah dekat, so ni kira birthday + anniversary post sekalik lah eh?

So let's see... hmmm..

I rarely post anything about him. Most of my posts revolve around my girls.. my girls... and my girls.. but jarang bebeno aku cakap pasal my one and only Photographer..

That, doesn't mean i dont love him as much as i love my girls..

Sapa tak sayang laki oiiiiiiiii...

I love him, and i love him too much..

We are human. he has his flaws and i have mine. we have our differences, we argue, we fight, but we cant stay away from each other too long coz we'll miss each other terribly.

Dgn dia, aku jarang rasa insecure. I trust him, and i trust him with all my heart. I consider myself one lucky girl (girl la.. rasa muda mueheheh) sbb Mr Photographer ni org yg sgt jujur. Aku tau dia sayang aku.. aku tau dia sayang anak2. And i know he will do anything to make us happy.

Tak pernah (alhamdulilah) aku rasa dia menipu in our relationship. Sebabnyer dia org yg sgt jujur. Apa yg dia buat semua aku tau, so klu dia citer ada org nak ngorat dia pun, tak de pulak aku rasa jeles.. sbb aku tau dia mmg sayang kat bini dia (yg prasan comel tapi blum kurus) yg sorang nieh.. (sorang je kan kan kan?)

Coming from failed marriage dulu.. i tend to compare and appreciate him more. For being him, for accepting me the way i am and for loving balqis like his own daughter. Even tho it has been almost 2 yrs (now ni dah mcm anniversary punya entry, bukan birthday!), but i still wake up every morning and be thankful that he is mine.

So to my one and only Photographer..

Happy birthday..
Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki dan memberkati umur..

From your girls..

Mama the belum kurus
Balqis the cantik manis
Sofeya the koala bear


aishah said...

haah. aku mcm nak terwish eppi anniv plak.. :) semoga terus2 berbahagia..

Konot said...

itu lah aishah... aku pun dah terkonfius! heheh.. thks anyway!

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Sweet.... Happy birthday Mr Photographer and Happy Anniversary to both of you !

Konot said...

thanks (on behalf) puan myra!

shell said...

dah kurus perr...

happy anniversary & happy belated birthday sofea..!

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