06 July 2009

One year old

This is her a year ago..
esok she will turn ONE YEAR OLD.

time flies eh?

masa aku beranak dulu ada sorang kawan aku ni cakap give it 3 mths jer, mesti lupa sakit bersalin hehehhe... oh no lia... i have not lupa my sakit bersalin yet... masih boleh terasa lagi camner sakitnyer... and to start planning for another one? errmm... not so soon!

I'll be on leave esok.. sempena menyambut her birthday. Tak de any special plan, just spending the time at home, with the kids, maybe bring them jalan2 or makan2.. at her age, i think just being there with her pun dah make her happy...

Dulu, as i was telling farah, i really kenot imagnine having more than 1 kid in the family. Aku takut i kenot give equal attention.

But now.. i tell u.. i kenot imagine life without my Sofeya.

Sehari tak jumpa, mcm terseksa jiwa raga (tak pernah pun sehari x jumpa, paling lambat aku balik kol 11 malam... tu pun boleh kra dgn jari.. exagerate sket la kan..hehe)

tak pernahnyer aku away dari dia for more than 24 hours. if i hv to, i dunno lah how. dowan to think.. nanti aku nangis..

now that she is getting smarter.. every morning b4 pergi keje she will peluk aku kuat2, refuse to let go... no trick can get her attention away.. dia tau dah org nak tipu, nak divert her attention.. and everytime my maid has to grab her anyway.. dia akan start nangis and nangis.. dgn muka sebek... buat aku rasa sgt bersalah coz i hv to go to work..

and.. everytime i come home.. dia akan senyum that smile that can melt your kepala batu instantly... and once she get hold of me.. that's it people.. no room of mama for anybody else.. mama is all hers... daddy and kak balqis will hv to wait for your turn okeh?

happy 1st birthday sayang..

mama love you so much..
too much lah i think..

esok kita gomol2 seharian eh?


Cik Puan Kamil said...

Eh, lupa... Happy birthday, Little One..

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Comel... You are sooo lucky...

FBI said...

oohhh... how shweeeetttt...!!! dah setahun ehh? my Arfa can respond dah bila org ckp2 ngan dia... aiyoo.. me oso very d rindu laaaa

Konot said...

myra - tenkiu auntie myra..

farah - yeous dah setahun.. cepat btul...esok2 tgk arfa plak dah setahun.. iskkk..

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