29 June 2009

Pain aaaa??? Part 2

I forgot to update one thing about the doctor... this one little thing that makes me wonder.. hmm... doctor ni termiss satu subject ke masa study dulu?

Masa checkup... ada thsi one series of questions he has to ask.. u know.. things like "do u smoke" or "are you pregnant" etc...

So there's this question.. about my weight.. whether it fluctuates significantly or not.. i said.. no lah kan... (mengandung tak kira lah kan). Then he said

ND : how about when u were pregnant?
Me: of course lah naik

duhhhhhhhh... sah2 ler kan?

ND : how many kgs increased?
Me : 12 kgs

And he gave me this weird look...

ND : THAT MUCH?? pregnant pun supposedly increase max of 5 kgs only..


Me: Apa pulak doctor?
ND: ya lah.. baby normally within 3 kgs only... maximum 5 kgs is a lot oredi.
Me: But my gynea also said 12 kgs is normal.. some people lagi la sampai 20-30 kgs.. how?

ND gave this puzzled look as tho tak tau mcm mana nak justify my SUDDEN INCREASE in weight due to pregancy.. then he asked

ND : but your weight drop to normal weight after delivery?
Me : yes. (prasan kurus jap..)

p/s - ND is ngong doctor.

p/s lagik - betul tak aku kata dia ni termiss satu subject masa study dulu?


liadevega said...

mmg ngong..aku rasa dia bukan miss satu subject tapi ada permanent brain damage (phd) kot...huhu

Konot said...

lia - wahahahaha... i think also lah kan....

FBI said...

haiyooo.... memang mengongggg laaa... haiyoo... i oso can be a doc like this!

Konot said...

farah, sekurus2 nko pun naik lebih dari 5 kg kan? wat la the doctor..

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