20 April 2009

I am so sorry...

Coz tak apdate blog for a long, long time.

Entah lah i just dont have any excuses.

Blogging has not been the same eversince I joined this new kampeni.

Tak de access is definitely the main culprit.

When I have something to write, i normally write in word/email, with the intention to post it bila balik nanti.

However bila balik, most of the time aku tak de time nak bukak laptop. Even if i have the time, the mood pulak tak de..

I even have a slight thought of tutup-ing this blog.. becoz aku rasa mcm dah disconnected sgt2 dgn blog nieh.. :(

Tapi bila memikirkan nanti anak2 aku beso tak de bahan bacaan pasal mak dia.. tak jadik la tutup.. :)

Full set of gambar2 london can be viewed here

Enjoy the pics.

Klu nak tahu detail about the trip esp. on the budget / expenses (I get a lot of question on this), feel free to call or email me.


jgn email yahoo or gmail, i kenot access :(

till then..


liadevega said...

best best best!
satgi aku email hang..

and please la don't tutup this blog, it's the only 'window' for yr friends to see you...takpela, lama tak update pun (macam aku..hehe) tapi biar ada sikit dr takde langsung. ok babeh?

Konot said...

lia, i hope the tips i gave are useful! enjoy holiday!

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Please do not tutup ! Boring !!!

Ayu said...

sekali sekala update okay apa ..
(nasihat drpd pakar malas update blog ..tehehehe..)

lama giler tak email weh...

Konot said...

myra - ye la aku tak tutup.. hang jgn tak baca plak..

ayu - aku nak anugerah hang presiden kelab malas apdate blog bleh? muehehehe jgn mare..

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