04 December 2007

We miss her!

My parents are back from Taiping. The kids (Farah and Iwan) are spending the time at our house. Cuti sekolah kan? U see, the kids mmg manja with the tok and tok wan. Asal my parents balik from Taiping, kalau hari esok tak sekolah, the kids will definitely tidur celah ketiak tok and tok wan.

My baby.. oh my baby... semenjak dua menjak nih, dia pun attached dgn tok and tok wan. Asal diorang ada rumah, Balqis will tidur with them. Tambah2 plak the cousins are around, lagi lah tak heran kat mummy and daddy... sob sob..

It's been 3 nites bebudak tu dah tidur bilik my parents. Which means dah 3 nites we (me and Mr Photographer) tido without Balqis. We miss he so much!

Semlm rindu sgt2 dgn Balqis.. I told her "mama rindu la.. mlm ni tidur dgn mama ye?" She said "alaaaaa...nak tidur dgn tok!!" After few attempts to merajuk, she finally agreed "ok lah ok lah adik tidur dgn ma" yeay!!!!

But later, lepas balik dinner, she said "ma.. tak jadi lah tidur dgn ma, adik nak tidur dgn tok!"

aku pulak yg kuar "alaaaaaaaa"

then dia pun kuar "alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

ok ok..malas nak gaduh... gi lah tidur dgn tok!!

sedih ok.. the fact that my baby can oredi sleep without me hugging her. Somehow, i still feel that she is my little baby. u know, baby yg aku buleh peluk and dukung and dodoi. tapi tak sedar.. nak dukung dia skang pun dah semput..heheh..

mlm ni tidur dgn mama ye?

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