23 November 2007

My mimi

I was reading some blogs about cats, and it reminded about my cat, long long time ago (almost 12 years now when she died)

I vaguely remembered when we brought her home. I think when I was 6, we were in Sungai Petani, kedah back then. My sisters said they found her near the railway station. She was a small small kitten. Her mother was nowhere to be seen. At first, our parents did not agree. They hate cats… but we insisted, all 4 of us insisted, and there was nothing our parents could do..

We named her MIMI. Why? I oso dunno… it just seemed right for her.

After a year in SP, we moved to KL. We brought Mimi with us. She became our family, more like the youngest sister, as I used to bahasakan myself as “Kak Liana” hehehe.. kempunan sgt nak dpt adik lah katakan…..

We took good care of her. We trained her well. She never berak in the house. She eats only friskies or whiskas, she won’t eat rice or fish (kucing ngada sket). I never saw her kawan with other cats. Whenever she saw other cats, siap la nko…mesti nak gaduh.. however, kalau nampak tikus, kecut perut, diam x kata apa. Hehe.. my darling mimi.

We never keep her in cage. We let her free, ad she never tried to escape. I guessed she loved it with us. She beranak few times.. I think in total anak2 dia more than 10. (horny jugak kucing aku). Mula2 we tried to keep them all, but my parents just won’t accept, and send them all to SPCA, then kasi kan mimi.

My parents hated her so much. And I remember how much I hated them back then for the things they did to her. There was once, my dad threw her away. Brought her to kedai makan in melawati, and dumped her there. When 4 of us came back from school, and mimi was not there, we cried, we were so frustrated and angry. We refused to eat; we refused to listen to any of the things that our parents said.

Next morning, tak tahan dgn protest by all 4 anak dara..my dad decided to find mimi back. We went to the kedai makan, and waddaya know.. mimi was there, like any other kucing liar, sibuk cari makan.

She was my best fren back then. Every morning when I go to school, she will follow me to the junction where I waited for the school bus. Once I got up the bus, she will go back home.

Until December 1995, when I was in PPP. I came back for holiday, and I saw her.. she was sick.. I korek2 my wardrobe, and some of baju had blood stains. I didn’t suspect anything until I saw mimi’s tummy is injured.I asked everyone, no one seems to know what happened to her.

It broke my heart to see mimi in that condition. So weak and helpless. She just lied in the wardrobe in between my clothes. I took her out and cleaned the wound. I begged my father to bring her to a vet, but EVERYONE in the house didn’t care. They just said “Esok lah.. dah nak ptg nih”

I was sooo frustrated. I didn’t know what to do. Mimi was very very weak. I put her on a comfortable big pillow, put a blanket over her and prepared some friskies and milk by her side. Everytime I got up, she will “meoooww…..” slowlyyy.. as tho telling me “don’t go…” So I waited till she fell asleep, then I went to bed.

Middle of the nite, I checked on her, and I saw her head is SOAKED in the bowl of milk!!! Luckily she was still alive then (terendam sket jer la.. prob. her attempt to drink some milk but was too weak). I cried looking at her. Again, after she fell asleep, then only I went to bed.

Early in the morning, my mom woke me up with the news “Na.. Mimi dah mati!”

I ran to her, only to found her cold, stiff body covered with ants.

God knows how hard I cried. God knows how much I hated my family for not taking care of her and how much I blamed them for not taking her to vet.

I cleaned her and kissed her good bye. We buried her kat belakang rumah, where currently my eldest sister is staying.

Called up my sisters and told them the news. We cried together on the phone (yes yes kakak2 aku semua emo)

I loved mimi A LOT. But I don’t think I loved any other cats than mimi. Tried bela-ing some other cats, but just not the same. Mimi was special, she was not just a cat, she was my family.

It has been 12 years, but I still feel the pain.

Sob sob…

*emo mood switched on*


aishah said...

bertuah kucing tu dpt tuan cam konot. I am so the opposit one.. memang tak suka kucing ;P tapi kat rumah ada 3,4 ekor kucing yg tak reti2 nak pegi tpt lain..

konot said...

aishah - aku pun somehow dah develop tak suka sgt kucing nih.. kalau nampak kat kedai ke apa ke mmg jarang aaa aku kasik makan.. hehe..kijam..kijam..

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Waaa !! Baca hang punya entry ni I terpanggil untuk buat entry pasal kucing I pulak !! Sabar lah Konot. I know how you feel...

konot said...

myra - haaa..cepat2 post pasai kucing hang plak.... nanti berjurai2 ayaq mata plak aku baca huhuhuh

Alfian_Troxion said...

sudih... sungguh sedih dan sudih :( Aku pon ada kucing dulu, nama Bulat. Bapak aku tak suka kucing... aku rasa dia buang kot masa aku ngan bini balik kg. Tapi takpe la.. nak buat camne, masa tu dok umah parents :(

Anywayz... pandai gak aa cat ko wahai Konot. siap ikut gi bas stop lg. hehehe. Weh, ko nak masuk lecturing kau kata? Hmmmm... kalau betui ko nak masuk, ko email la aku. INsya-Allaah aku leh email the pros and cons... :) Cheeriosss!!!!

konot said...

jawa - jgn ler sedih...ni ko dah dok umah sendiri ko bela la kucing plak sambil2 tanam cili tuh! hehe.. apa email ko daa... online la ym borak jer kan senang!

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