01 November 2007

Macam macam konot.


Buat Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor atas kejayaannya sebagai angkawasan negara pertama dan menjayakan misi diangkasa lepas. We are proud of you!

At the same time..

Takziah buat beliau and family atas permergian adiknya Sheikh Mustafa kerahmatullah. Semoga mereka sekeluarga tabah menghadapi ujian, dan semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat.

Terkejut… tu jer yg aku boleh gambarkan perasaan time baca dlm paper pasal this news. Life is so…. hmmm.. strange…unexpected.. u’ll never know what will happen next.


Monday, I witnessed a 2 y.o girl fell down from a height of about 2-3 meters. It was HORRIFYING!!! Until today I kenot get the image of her falling down out of my mind. It was in Giant Kelana Jaya, I brought balqis to main2 in the indoor playground (dutch lady punya playground). Situ slide semua tinggi2. Balqis dgn berani and seronoknya naik semua.

Somehow, maybe ramai sgt budak2 atas tu, maybe they were pushing each other, suddenly I heard a mother yelling, calling the kid.. when I turned around, I saw this girl at the very edge of the thing.. and within split second, she fell…

Both the mother and I menjerit bagai nak gila….

Luckily, however, in playground the lantai is lapik with rubber, still.. 2 year old jatuh bedebuk camtuh ok…

The mother cepat2 ran and dukung the kid, and I, cepat2 panggil Balqis turun sekarang jugak… Few minutes after, I saw the kid stopped crying oredi. I prayed hard, so that the kid is okay.

And next day, I received email from a friend. Her 3 year old son was playing buai with the maid, and dunno wat happened, the kid fell and broke the tulang peha. Not only patah mind u, the patah part is almost crushed!! Hancur!!

Best thing is, the maid did not inform my fren wat happened, until my fren saw her son’s leg bengkak, and when touched, the boy was screaming hysterically. After weeks in hospital, Dr said that the bone might not tumbuh balik, and the leg might be one side shorter.

Kesian kan?

I kenot imagine what the mother felt. Baca her story pun I kenot tahan. 3 year old boy.. what la he knows… kesian…


Remembet my maid was suspected denggi? And how frustrated I am had to deal with govt hospitals? Well it made me thought. How lucky I am ek. To be blessed with what I have now. Specifically..work and the benefits. Some people still have to seek medication from govt clinic or hospitals, hv no choice but to tahan the bad treatment from the staff.

Me? I am grateful, that I have choice. Syukur dgn apa yg aku ada.. couldn’t ask for more..

“We deserve 30%” , “Banks Rob Our Bonus”

Ever saw org pakai tag ni..

I’m sure u all pernah nampak. Basically Bank’s union staff wear these tag to show their protest for not receiving byk bonus.

Wat u all think?

I think its un-clever..hehe..hillarious.. aperda.. u work in the bank, u wear the staff tag, and yet u sangkut the badge kat your staff tag. It’s like u are telling the world u hate your employer, but u are still working for them.

Malu lah aku rasa…

I think.. if you don’t like the bonus.. get another job lah.. mana bley paksa2 employer bayar bonus byk2.. and if u still don’t like your employer.. jgn la pakai badge tu.. go create a blog and membebel there ok?

Esok birthday aku lahh..

Apa ye nak kasik kat diri sendiri?

I want…
- to go spa…urut, lulur, mandi manda etc..bestnyer…
- tengok wayang.. hv not done so for few mths!! Lama sih tak tgk wayang..
- get a liposuction

Ye lah konot.. sudah2 la berangan..

Ada org nak kawin esok…yeay yeay…

Selamat Pengantin Baru Siti Zurina!


Amy said...

Happy birthday beb.. aku dah dedicate post untuk ko ehhehe

konot said...

happy birthday to u too my scorpio friend!

fbi said...

happy birthday, girlll..... sulah tua looorrr... heheheh! :P
amy pun scorpio ehh??? wahhh.... hepi birthday to u too!!

liadevega said...

happy burfday konot,
laaa..hang baru nak besday ka? aku nak masuk besday yg satu lg dah tak lama lg...patut la hang kecik saja..

bg.matt said...

happy besday! (tu pon farah yg bagiktau)..kekee...

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